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Emil Lindström and Onni Niemi

The secret of K. Leivo´s coffee breads came with baker Lindström  from Pietari to Helsinki and alltheway to Botnia in winter 1894. As he came in to the finnish area he started to use the name Leivo. Eemelis son Paavo Leivo seeked job experience from different kind of jobs as he worked in a hardware store. But he kept his fathers idea of business in mind. So he founded a bakery in Kauhava 1927. But when the poor times came he was forced to sell the business. After that Paavo Leivo worked as an representative for candie selling companies. In these journeys he realized that there was really a need for a bakery in Räyrinki.

Paavo Leivo started the business in 1936. In the time of war there were no baking supplies available. Paavo’s son Kalevi continued with the bakery with he’s wife Leena. And after retirering their sons Jukka and Pertti continued the bakery. Today the business is running in the fourth generation.

Old recipebook

Making Rusks in sixties

Today K. Leivo’s bakery is family business led by two brothers and has 30 emplyees. Family entrepreneurship is seen in everything in business. Owners, employees ja business partners are all long- term relationships. Entrepreneurship is a way of life, traditions are respected, emloyees are taking care of but development